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Business Support Program (BSP)

Under the Business Support Program , you get access to a virtual€¯ board of directors of some of the top professionals available to advise you on any subject or to be called on to undertake any required projects in an hands-on€¯ capacity.

Expert analysis and guidance to help you deal with all the issues of running your business. Take advantage of our free Business Check . It is completely free and without any obligation . It's available to business owners of any business employing more than ten staff.

  • Meeting held at your premises
  • Meeting time is set up to be convenient for you
  • An opportunity to discuss all aspects of your business with a focus on what is most important to you
  • An opportunity to discuss any business issues, opportunities, or problems you are facing

At the end of the discussion we review with you any issues that have arisen during the meeting, highlighting any identified areas where you could be saving money and/or improving your bottom line.

Services offered, through our Business Support Program can include: sales/profits improvement; productivity improvements; capital raising; trade sales; international trade support, through to projects management.

The Institute for Independent Business (IIB) is a not-for-profit research and accreditation organization established in 1984 to give independent businesses direct access to some of the country's top business people so bringing practical advice & timely ideas to the business. The IIB is the largest organization of its type in the world with over 5000 Executive Associates having now been through its accreditation process, working with businesses mostly within the 'small to medium sized' (SME) sector, in placing at their disposal mature senior executives to use as 'sounding boards' and support and mentoring whenever and wherever is required, drawing on one of the most comprehensive support infrastructures in the world, during which time issues arising within any aspect of the business can be addressed .